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Do you know what is in your skincare and cosmetics?  I never used to be aware of this or even think about it until I started to hear stories of what some of these chemicals can do to a person’s health.  The word “paraben” became something that I never heard of before to becoming something that I am well aware of now.  Did you know that this is a hormone disruptor and has been found in breast cancer cells? 


I really dislike reading labels while I am shopping.  It makes the process so much longer. Sometimes the print on these labels are so small that it is impossible to read or there is just no room on the label so you have to head over to the Internet and see what the ingredients are.  That should be a big warning sign right there.  Since starting to use Lemongrass Spa Products, I don’t even have to worry about it. 

Finding a brand or a company that you truly trust is not easy, but I feel comfortable knowing that everything is made with top-quality products that they are committed to using and steering clear of these toxic chemicals that are often the culprit in the rise of serious illnesses.  And don’t forget to check out your deodorant!!  Does it list aluminum as an ingredient?  Ditch it!!!  Remember, most of us put our deodorants on after we have shaved and gotten out of the shower…….Open pores and then applying chemicals into them. 

In this day and age, we have so much information available to us and we need to use it to our advantage.  Doing our best to live a healthy lifestyle for ourselves and our family is probably the best thing we can do to fight against disease.  Of course, there is no guarantee, but making simple changes here and there and just being aware and informed can certainly help in the fight to stay as healthy as possible. 

So, check the labels on products that you already have.  Use fewer, simpler products to avoid unnecessary toxins entering your body.  I love that many of our products are so versatile, which means saving money as well.  I love when I can save money!!!!  Check out the Top 12 Ingredients to Avoid in Personal Care Products!!!  

Lenore Williams
Lenore Williams